Mr. Sanchez Induction Year 1


This is my experince in the CTI program year 1. When I was given the oppurtunuty to teach, like anyone that has ever got that call, you start thinking about all the things you have to get ready; trips to school supplies stores, office supplies,  getting decorations, and revisiting grade level content. Then the first day of the rest of my life happens and I could not be more overwhelmed. I could have never felt more overwhelmed my first week, I felt like I didint feel any room to think or breath. 

Upon my first meeting with my CTI coach, I began to feel more confirtable with my new reality and I began to get into a "groove." Uisng the district approve resources and and the curated resources from the different cycles I was able to incorporate and polish the routines that allowed students to be in an inclusice enviornment. My CTI coaches did a really good job of giving me "just in time' andvice that really enhaced my lessons through their experience. 

Overall I can say that my induction experience really allowed me to reflect, enhance, and apply a multitude of resources and techniques that created a inclusive enviournment.